Certified translation? It's easy.  

Certified translations are often referred to as court translations, verified translations or translations with a stamp. However, it is one and the very same thing in practice - certified translation.

The certified translation is drawn up by a certified translator who is authorized to do so by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic pursuant to Act no. 382/2004 Coll. on Experts, Interpreters and Translators, and is registered in the list of experts, interpreters and translators administered by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic. The certified translation is always in a paper form and is tied to a source document with a tricolor, it is provided with a translation clause and a circular stamp of the certified translator.

Delivery of documents

You can deliver us documents assigned for certified translation in several ways:

Personally. If you did not have the opportunity to agree with us on a specific date, we recommend you stopping by at our place during mornings of business days - in that case we will be able to start translating on the very same business day. However, if you prefer to pay us a visit at a different time, do not hesitate to contact us and agree with us on the date that suits you. Come around to have a good coffee and go through everything necessary with us!

By e-mail. If the translation is bundled with a printed scan, it is fully sufficient to send the documents by e-mail. This solution is the most practical one in many cases.

By post. Do not forget to inform us by phone or e-mail that you are sending the documents to us. As far as express deliveries are concerned, we do not recommend this option.

Setting the date and price

We will propose possible delivery dates and the relevant prices immediately once we receive the documents.
We will be happy to provide you with informative information about price over the phone.
Do not hesitate to call us and inform us.
If you require precise information about terms and prices, please send us a scan of your documents by e-mail and we will respond to you in a clear and comprehensible manner.

Payment methods

• Wire transfer. We will issue you the invoice that you pay via Internet banking.
• Cash. Payment on the spot is not a problem either.
We do not accept credit card payments.

Delivery options

  • Personally. You will pick up the translation at our office at the agreed time.

    By post. We can send you the translation upon agreement anywhere in the world.

    By e-mail. Scan of a certified translation is sufficient for the client in some cases. The original will be sent upon agreement by post.

Where can you find us?

You can find us directly at Hotel Bratislava, Seberíniho Street 9 Ružinov. Our office is located on the third floor, door number 311. Parking of up to 30 minutes at the hotel's parking space is free.

illyria s.r.o., Seberíniho 9, Hotel Bratislava, 82103, Bratislava

0948 32 22 77                                          office@illyria.sk